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Aegean's Greece AB

Wholesale jewelry Albania

Wholesale jewelry Albania

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Albanian Wholesaler of jewelry to retailers

Asia Wholesale sale of jewelry to retailers with fast shipping from Europe. Stylish design branded earrings from AEGEAN'S GREECE of high quality. Let yourself be inspired by our jewelry and let your customers' personal fashion look be completely stylish and unique! You can use this year's trendy earrings for both everyday and parties.

We are looking for both global and local stores or retailers (jewelry, fashion, interior design, clothing store, hairdresser or retail). Our accessories are the obvious and perfect product for your customers. Minimum order is EUR 100 for new retailers.

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Our customers are the most important thing we have. Therefore, we are very proud to have the highest rating on Facebook Reviews. Feel free to read the latest reviews about us on Facebook or see a selection below. * Highest rating 5 out of 5 is based on 28 reviews when we created this page.

"Just got the earrings, great and they match the photo, including cute little box and bag with earrings. Fair price quality."

"Beautiful Greek-inspired jewelry!"

"Fine line and good range, very affordable with quality and price. Everything is perfectly packaged, especially perfect for gifts. I am satisfied."

"Beautiful products and great professionalism"

Get compliments for your new earrings

We are always just as happy when we hear how satisfied our customers are. But not least how happy the customers are when they have received compliments about their new earrings from us. We will continue to work hard to deliver beautiful and affordable earrings to you

Premium material from Europe

Our latest jewelry is made from premium materials such as French Cubic Zirconia stones and Italian brass with 18K gold, rhodium, silver or rose gold plating.

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Our jewelry are made of premium materials from high quality suppliers in Europa.

Gold or rhodium plated in EU, fine Italian brass and Premium French Cubic Zirconia

Specific stone details

Stones: Cubic Zirconia
Rough source: Ceres - Dalloz Group Company
Rough origin: U.S.A Rough
Machine: French Cut
Production process: Eco-friendly Process
Composition: ZrO2 / Lead-free
Reflective Index: 2,16
Dispersion: 0,06
Hardness: 8,5
Specific Gravity: 6

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The perfect gift

The perfect gift to someone you love, care about or why not give yourself something you deserve?