Beautiful fashion earrings inspired by Greece

Similar to the most luxury fashion brands are we creating our jewelry with premium Italian brass and French Cubic Zirconia stones for our NEW 2021 fashion earrings collection.


White cubic zirconia stones - DallozPeridot cubic zirconia stones - DallozYellow cubic zirconia stones - DallozOrange cubic zirconia stones - DallozPink cubic zirconia stones - DallozMorganite cubic zirconia stones - DallozOrchid cubic zirconia stones - DallozLavender cubic zirconia stones - DallozPurple cubic zirconia stones - DallozAmethyst cubic zirconia stones - DallozAquamarine cubic zirconia stones - DallozBlue topaz cubic zirconia stones - DallozChampagne cubic zirconia stones - DallozBrown cubic zirconia stones - DallozBlack cubic zirconia stones - Dalloz

 Premium Cubic Zirconia stones Made in France

Our 2020's fashion earrings collection is made of premium Cubic Zirconia stones from Dalloz Stones in France. The stones are available in many different pastel colors and we love to mix them in our new collection.

Fine Italian brass Made in Italy

Similar to the most luxury brands fashion jewelry collections are our 2020's earrings collection made of premium Italian brass Made in Italy. 

Prong setted stones for a luxury impression

All the stones in our jewelry are prong setted with a mix by wax setting technique and some by hand. This mean that we don't use glue to set our stone into the jewelry. This give them a more luxury and stabile impression. 

18K Gold and Rhodium plated Made in EU

The finishing/surface of the 2020's fashion earrings collection is either 18K Gold or Rhodium plated Made in EU with an protection layer over the plating. 

Assembling of the jewelry

The 2020's fashion earrings collection is assembled in Asia with premium material from Italy and France.

Old collections

The old collections are not made with same material as 2020's earrings collection. Details about each product can be find the product page description.