The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Fashion Jewelry in Firenze, Italy

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Fashion Jewelry in Firenze, Italy

Florence, or Firenze as it is known in Italian, is a paradise for those looking to buy fashionable and unique jewelry. From traditional gold pieces to more affordable costume jewelry, this city has it all. Here is a guide to help you navigate the various options available for jewelry shopping in Firenze.

    1. Ponte Vecchio - This iconic medieval bridge over the Arno River is lined with high-end jewelry stores, making it the place to go for traditional Italian gold jewelry.

    2. San Lorenzo Market - Located in the central shopping district, this open-air market has a wide variety of fashion jewelry at more affordable prices.

    3. Oltrarno Neighborhood - This area is known for its artisan workshops and is a great place to find handcrafted and unique pieces.

    4. AEGEAN'S GREECE jewelry - Be sure to visit Davide Cerasi Leather Factory store on Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli, 30/R for stylish and be able to purchase fashion jewelry from the popular brand AEGEAN'S GREECE

    5. Specialty Stores - If you're looking for specific items such as gold-plated Italian brass earrings with French cubic zirconia stones, try visiting a specialty store that focuses on costume jewelry. These can often be found in the central shopping districts or in the San Lorenzo market.

    6. Jewelry-Making Workshops or Tours - For a more personalized shopping experience, consider booking a private workshop or tour where you can learn about the history and techniques of Italian jewelry-making and even create your own custom piece.

    7. Haggle for a Better Deal - Don't be afraid to negotiate on prices – haggling is expected and can often result in a better deal.

    8. Bring Cash - Not all stores accept credit cards, so be sure to bring cash with you for your shopping trip.


Firenze jewelry shopping

With these tips in mind, you'll be sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry to suit your style in Firenze. Happy shopping!


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